Free Party


Artist: Svelt

Free Party is the second release from Sydney live beats band Svelt. The EP represents a cherry picked selection of their best live tunes from 2012. Recording this EP was a matter of distilling an immense back catalogue into a representative and cohesive selection of tracks which capture what we've been up to for this last year at parties and festivals around the county. We hope you enjoy!

released August 13, 2012 

Recording Engineer - Luke Purse
Mix Engineer - Jorden Brebach
Mastering Engineer - Oscar Gaona
Recorded at The Barn

1. 1 00:45
2. Mad house (ft. Rapaport) 03:22
3. Animalia 04:05
4. Make It Last (ft. Rapaport) 04:14
5. Mic Check (ft. Rapaport) 03:28
6. Epic Rogue Fest 04:07
7. What The Body Remembers 04:13