The Basement Big Band


Artist: The Basement Big Band

With one foot firmly planted in the rich history of Swing Era America and the other Lindy Hopping into the now, The Basement Big Band are Sydney’s very own 14 piece dance orchestra lead by Justin Fermino and installed in the city’s oldest live music venue.

This album was made possible through crowd funding.

1. Triple B 04:18
2. My Sugar and Me 06:24
3.The Bull Roarer 04:29
4. Cup o' Spice 04:57
5. Betty 02:44
6. Saving All My Love (For Someone Just Like You) 05:07
7. Another One For Prez 06:09
8. The Untimely Demise of Don Flamenco 04:01
9. You Win Some, You Lose Some 04:10