Staff Picks.

Theres no shortage of kick-ass albums on Backyard Music, but here are some of our favourites.


Lekker - Ben Hauptmann

This relatively recent release by local guitarist Ben Hauptmann is a Midi-induced hallucination but also incredibly groovy and way off-centre. If you like grungy experimental rock but also cheesy 90s synth marimbas, this is your spirit animal. 

Digital $16 / Physical $25

Mostly Winter Sometimes Spring - Brian Campeau

This is an old one (2009!!) but still frickin' awesome. Stunning originals with earthy vocals and fascinating production. It's kind of like what Gotye would sound like if he lived in the inner west and was more of a dickhead. 

Digital $16 / Physical $25

Spyglass Gypsies

This is a cute album by some local jazz musos, straddling something between authentic recreation of 1930's French swing and original re-imaginings. People lose their shit for this when we play it at Newtown markets because of course they do. 

Digital $16 / Physical $25

I Painted Lips on My Vacuum Cleaner - The Penetrators

This is just filthy. 

But I love it.

Digital $8 / Physical $10

A Ship Sails - The Button Collective

Think drunken pirates meets Mumford and Sons, this is raucous folk at its saltiest. The Button Collective are country boys at heart, originally hailing from Lismore but now calling the Inner West home. Love the accordion.

Digital $16 / Physical $25

Fat Kontrollerz - Volume 1

These geniuses responsible for this now-disbanded brilliance have since gone on to create other brilliant shit, but this album still sits close to my heart. P-major combines with Shazza-T to create "the shit". 

Digital $8 / Physical $10

The Green Mohair Suits

Our collective obsession for "Americana" is far from over, so in the meantime lets wallow in it's goodness. Banjos, vocal harmonies, and a song about a cockroach. Do I need to keep talking?

Digital $16 / Physical $25